Archery Buffoons was started Mid-April of 2017. As a partnership with Bumpin' Bubbles, LLC , Archery Buffoons was created to cater to the same type of market, but introducing a brand new fun activity to play. We are the first Archery equipment rental service in Michigan, and strive to be the best at what we do. Our equipment is high end and super safe, with thick foam tipped arrows allowing for maximum distance, breathable archers masks to keep you from overheating, and sturdy longbows allowing you hit your targets more often with increased accuracy.

Two Archery tag players hiding behind a bunker

We cater to all types of events, anywhere in Michigan! We come out to YOUR location and bring everything you need to have a blast with some archery tag. Our referees help train everyone on the bows, facilitate the games, and are constantly thinking of new game types and objectives to introduce at the events! We are always open to suggestions to, so if you have a game mode you really want to play, let our referee know and we can test it out! Check out our "Rentals" tab for pricing on the arrow tag equipment, and submit a form to get in contact with us about hosting your Archery Buffoons event!


Arrow tag / Archery tag is a super fun and unique twist on the games of paintball and dodgeball. The objective is simple, get the entire other team out using you bow & arrows! Obstacles are set on each half of the field, and players and teams will have to think of a strategy to get the other team out before they do. Arrows start in the middle of the field, much like dodgeball, so on "GO!" players rush to the middle to grab as many arrows as they can before retreating to their side. Each game typically lasts around 5 minutes, but may go longer depending on the game mode. The best part about Archery Tag is that everyone that can hold a bow can play, which is generally 10 and older!


archery tag katness

There are many types of game modes, and more and more created every event! We will add the most played ones below along with the rules for each! We will go over the rules before each game at the events, but here just a sneak peak at some of them!





Players each start on their own half, rushing to the middle at the beginning to collect arrows. The objective is to get the entire enemy team out before your team is out. The only way to get back into the game is if one of you teammates catches an arrow. you CANNOT hit another player in the safe zone, which is the 5 foot wide strip in the middle of the field that holds the arrows at the start. If you hit another player in the safe zone, the hit does not count.


A hit is considered:

- Body Hits

- Bow Hits

- Arrow Hits

- Head Hits


These do NOT count as hits:

- Bounce or ricochet Hit

- Safe zone Hit


Two Archery tag players hiding behind a bunker
archery tag katness
Two Archery tag players hiding behind a bunker
archery tag katness